For once Faire Sans Dire can publish a limited amount of information about an assignment it has been awarded and quash certain rumours circulating about what we are currently working on and have been involved in for some time which relate to a series of novels.

Faire Sans Dire Limited and other parties have entered into various contracts whereby The Burlington Files Limited will publish a series of novels to be called “The Burlington Files”. The Burlington Files Limited is a publishing company for undisclosed principals for whom Faire Sans Dire Limited acts as an agent.

The Burlington Files are a series of fictional novels about a family called the Burlington family, their friends and associates all of whom get mixed up in espionage intentionally or otherwise. The series is expected to span many decades and is based on the family’s involvement with various governments’ intelligence agencies. It is likely that films may be produced based on these novels.

The novels are fictional although some events and incidents referred to in them are very loosely based on the experiences of those for whom collectively the author, Bill Fairclough acting for and on behalf of Faire Sans Dire Limited, is acting as an agent for undisclosed principals.

Further announcements will be made nearer the time of the publication of the first novel in The Burlington Files series which is expected by about March 2014, slightly later than originally envisaged. Progress relating to this project may be followed via The Burlington Files where a countdown is already in progress.

You may also want to watch the map and even zoom in to street level in case your home or office is under surveillance but … we must remind you that unlike Faire Sans Dire what happens in The Burlington Files is complete fiction. Nevertheless those locations depicted on the map shown in the website are expected but not guaranteed to feature in the first novel in the series.

Please feel free to join one of the groups that suit you shown on the links on the website which have been or are being created for followers of what many in the know have already commented could either leave Ian Fleming and John Le Carré or all of us out in the cold!

If you wish to comment on the website, which of course is still “under construction” until the publication of the first novel, or if you want to comment on any developments as the countdown continues please do so via the live links at The Burlington Files. You can watch live Tweets that may be relevant to The Burlington Files on its website or follow it on Twitter and Tweet any comments you may wish to make. Alternatively you can simply bookmark the new website or add “The Burlington Files” as a Google Alert.

In the meantime our doors remain open for business as usual on a 24/7 basis as has been the case for most of the last 35 years or so.

This article was first published on 11th March 2013 and last updated on 23rd September 2013.

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