We are pleased to announce that a hardcover version of Beyond Enkription, the first novel in The Burlington Files series, has been published by Dolman Scott. The hardcover version is now available on Amazon worldwide along with the eBook and paperback versions previously published. From September/October 2015 hardcover versions will also be available from most leading bookshops and bookstores across the globe.

Faire Sans Dire has been instrumental in the production of The Burlington Files, a series of spy novels being written for film adaptation. The background to our involvement was explained in a press release in 2013. The series is by and large loosely based on the life of our Chairman, Bill Fairclough, his family and his associates.

Since our main focus is the production of film/TV series based on the novels, only one novel has been published to date without any major fanfares or publicity. Our aim is to secure the production of a TV/film series based on Beyond Enkription as opposed to publicize the novel or series in its own right.

Indeed, publishing the books alone would be economic suicide given the parlous state of the book publishing industry notwithstanding the amount of publicity afforded to isolated success stories which rarely disclose the true promotional costs behind publications. The first novel, Beyond Enkription (and, yes, we have spelt it that way intentionally) starts in 1974 in the Cold War and focuses on a young wayward accountant who is manipulated by many he trusts implicitly and becomes entangled in that dangerous game called espionage.

For more information about the book and the series please follow these links for: (a) reviews on Amazon; (b) reviews in general; (c) the book and the series; and (d) places that feature in Beyond Enkription. For more information about the author, Bill Fairclough, please see: (a) WikiTree; (b) Faire Sans Dire; (c) The Burlington Files; and (d) LinkedIn.

Faire Sans Dire’s doors remain open for business as usual as has been the case for over 35 years. If you represent a film production house please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in helping transform print into celluloid or whatever isn’t used nowadays!

This article was first published on 21st August 2015.

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