We are pleased to announce that Beyond Enkription, the first novel in The Burlington Files series is now available as an eBook and a paperback. Faire Sans Dire has been instrumental in the production of The Burlington Files. 

The Burlington Files is a series of espionage novels about the Burlington family and their ambivalent ubiquitous relationships with state backed intelligence agencies over many decades. The series covers events involving the Burlington family from the First World War including the Smiling Buddha Project, Operation Able Archer, 9/11, the Nisha incidents and beyond.

The first novel, Beyond Enkription (and, yes, we have spelt it that way intentionally) starts in 1974 in the Cold War. For more information about the book, the series and the author please see TheBurlingtonFiles.Org or FaireSansDire.Org.

Before you buy the eBook (or paperback) you can sample parts of the eBook or paperback on Amazon UK (or your local Amazon web-site) and read endorsements about just what an unusual, intriguing and pacy “sort of espionage novel” Beyond Enkription is.

A couple of our more sophisticated critics summed it up somewhat flatteringly: “Beyond Enkription is more down-to-earth and déclassé than Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels, yet more action packed and just as subtle as John Le Carré’s productions.”

We hope you enjoy reading Beyond Enkription and seeing the films we intend to produce based on The Burlington Files. Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on Beyond Enkription or send it via CreateSpace at Amazon USA.

Never forget. If you want to keep a secret, you should have read The Burlington Files! 

Legal Notes for Publishers

Faire Sans Dire Limited and other parties have entered into various contracts whereby The Burlington Files Limited is to publish a series of novels to be called “The Burlington Files”. The Burlington Files Limited is a publishing company for undisclosed principals for whom Faire Sans Dire Limited acts as an agent.

The novels are fictional although some events and incidents referred to in them are very loosely based on the experiences of those for whom collectively the author, Bill Fairclough acting for and on behalf of Faire Sans Dire Limited, is acting as an agent for undisclosed principals. It goes without saying that unlike Faire Sans Dire what happens in The Burlington Files is complete fiction!

This article was first published on 18th May 2014.


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