Faire Sans Dire is no longer recruiting for paid part time work in Central London. However, if you are interested in assisting us with pro bono risk management work please contact us in the first instance via our contact page.

Should you contact us ABOUT EMPLOYMENT?

If you are reading this from the perspective of a recruitment business we already have strong ties with the best head hunters in the world so please do not contact us unless you want to use our services; if so please contact us.

If you are searching for a full time job you’ve landed on the wrong web-site so please do not contact us. We are not currently seeking full time staff and have no vacancies.

If you are seeking work experience we may be interested in helping you.

If you are looking for part-time work or are self-employed and seeking work in the capacity as one of our associates then the rest of this web-page may be of interest to you.

If you receive an email from us offering you a job “out of the blue” please note that it is spam as Faire Sans Dire does not advertise jobs by email and any such emails (usually referring to a “vacancy” or the like in the subject heading) should not be opened or responded to and should be deleted on receipt.

Most of those who work for us are what we term “associates” and are called in to assist us with specific assignments where their skills are needed. It almost goes without saying that given the nature of our work if you are considering working for us as an associate you will undergo more thorough checks before doing any work for us than the sort of normal checks applied by most businesses and organisations when hiring full time employees.

For starters, before even being interviewed, you will probably be asked to permit us to check, inter alia, that you have no criminal record and no appalling credit history even if you were once a High Court Judge! So, if you have any skeletons in your cupboard there’s no point in contacting us.


We are wise enough to know not to say “the demand for our services is expanding exponentially and the business is growing at a phenomenal rate” so we won’t. Nevertheless we are always interested in taking on real talent, raw or experienced, when we have the capacity to do so.

We’re based in Surrey and London. Many of our permanent associates work from their homes so, for example, some of our associates who undertake specialised research work for us live outside the UK. There are two things they all have in common: they are of the highest moral integrity and English is either their native tongue or they are bilingual.

By having many of our associates working from home we can keep our overheads as low as possible. That way we can provide services to our clients at very competitive rates and we don’t pay ourselves much so you won’t get rich quick by becoming one of our associates. In addition, if you are based in the UK unless you can prove you have an existing business with several clients, any payments we made for your services would be made through the PAYE system.

Even when working from home, anybody working for us has to be a good “fit” with the rest of the team they interact with. Above all else though, they have to be of the highest moral integrity. Rest assured that if you ever worked for us in any capacity your integrity would be checked on an ongoing basis. We do not tolerate any skeletons in our cupboards.

Other attributes we seek in all our associates are organisational punctiliousness, attentiveness to minutiae, plenty of initiative combined with self-discipline as well as first class communication skills either on the web and/or in the bricks and mortar world. To all of us the work we do is more akin to a pleasurable way of life than a job notwithstanding we are fully aware of the responsibilities that go with the sort of work we undertake for our clients. If you are to fit in with us attitudinally you should look upon your chosen area of expertise more as a way of life than a means to any other end – most of our IT specialists use their laptops for pillows!

Typically our associates fall into one of two camps:

1. Either they are very experienced often semi-retired business people or specialists such as investigators, barristers, forensic accountants, civil servants etc who just can’t stop doing what they’ve enjoyed in their earlier careers.

2. Or they are what we term “whiz kids” whose “First Life” is on the web and “Second Life” wasn’t developed by Linden Lab because they are too busy with their First Life when not training at karate or kick boxing!

We are always interested in hearing from experienced “specialists” who no longer work full time and inexperienced IT prodigies or mathematical geniuses. We also cater for people seeking work experience provided they fit our basic criteria.


Once you have browsed through this web-site, if you think you might fit into an organisation such as our’s as an associate simply send an email to us attaching your CV and explaining why you think you would be a good “fit”, what particular fields you are experienced in and/or would like to work in, the extent to which you are available and any other matters you consider are relevant.

When you apply you will receive an automated response so please do not be put off by that. In addition, we may not ask you to come in for a chat or contact you for a while so don’t be put off by that either. We are an assignment driven business and your skill sets may only be of interest to us six months or more from now.

Nevertheless, we will contact you in due course out of courtesy to advise you whether or not we may contact you in the future so please don’t try and follow up any emails with phone calls; our head of “recruitment” may not be pleased by that and your chances of progressing further with us may diminish somewhat rapidly.