In order to assess the perceived corruption levels of our web-site visitors we have analysed them over the last two years in accordance with research undertaken by Transparency International into those perceived to be most and least corrupt as depicted in their 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index.

Before drawing any conclusions we would draw your attention to the fact that there are only 176 countries listed in Transparency International’s index whereas the CIA Fact Book covers what they refer to as “267 world entities”. Out of all those countries or “world entities” we are aware of there are only 256 distinct and separate country codes of top level IP address blocks which relate to some 243 countries.

Notwithstanding that it remains a conundrum why there is little agreement on what constitutes a country in the twenty first century we are pleased to say that the vast majority of our visitors in the last two years who have come from 130 different countries are in the least corrupt countries in the world.

Whether measured in terms of unique visitors to our web-site or numbers of visits made 77% of our visitors are in the top quartile of the least corrupt countries; about 10% are in the second quartile and 10% in the third quartile with less than 3% in the bottom quartile. If you want to see how corrupt your nation is perceived to be please click on this link.

This article was first published on 12th December 2012.

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