Just before Xmas in 2013 we published a sample of blogs, comments and articles in this news section which Faire Sans Dire had issued during the last half of that year. You can still read the news article which is in the news section dated December 24, 2013. However, despite requests that we conduct a similar exercise for 2014 and continue it into the future we have decided not to publish any more samples of such pieces on this web-site.

For those of you who are interested we publish blogs, comments and articles in various media around the world. We usually publish under the names of FaireSansDire or TheBurlingtonFiles and various permutations of those words although we also publish using other pseudonyms. In 2014 we published several thousand such pieces.

Our blogs, comments and articles may be found in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, IntelNews, The Times, The Times On Line (TOL), The Sunday Times, Sky News, The Guardian, The Daily Express, The Independent, Yahoo News, The Daily Mail, The BBC and various specialist media websites. Please note though that you may only be able to access some of these articles if you are a subscriber to the media organisation concerned.

We also publish articles or tweet etc on social websites such as Twitter or LinkedIn where Faire Sans Dire, The Burlington Files (and our Chairman) are also represented. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter or comment on any articles (eg on LinkedIn Pulse) associated directly or otherwise with Faire Sans Dire.

This article was first published on 5th February 2015.

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