Emails purporting to be from and advertising jobs at Faire Sans Dire Limited have been sent requesting that interested recipients make contact with the named sender. Such emails may appear to have been sent from either or (which is connected to Faire Sans Dire). Faire Sans Dire does not advertise jobs by email and any such emails (usually referring to “vacancy” or “employment” in the subject heading) should not be opened or responded to and should be deleted on receipt.

As noted in our Privacy Policy & Legal Notice under the caption Scams & Falsified Emails, cloned or false emails represent a common problem for many well known institutions including banks. Indeed the UK’s Metropolitan Police are also not the only law enforcement agency to suffer from such emails and officers have apparently been successfully instructed to carry out work courtesy of receiving false emails purporting to come from superior officers.

This article was first published on 29th June 2012.

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