Welcome to Faire Sans Dire

Faire Sans Dire is a niche UK based intelligence and investigatory risk management organisation with global reach and global clout. We have been providing intelligence, anti-corruption, investigatory and related risk management services since 1978 when Faire Sans Dire was established. However, it was not until 2010 that Faire Sans Dire opened its doors to the world at large via this web-site.

Since 1978 we have undertaken assignments in over 100 countries. Some of our assignments have lasted for a few hours, others for several years. The way we operate is explained under Modus Operandi. The core, cyber and ancillary services we offer are explained on the web-pages accessible via the links above. Our fees are competitive and fee charging arrangements transparent. As explained under our fee charging arrangements, we normally not only work on “not for profit” bases but also occasionally on “pro bono” bases for deserving causes (such as for those whose lives have been devastated by corruption).

After opening our doors to the world at large in 2010, Faire Sans Dire has morphed into becoming an intelligence agency that increasingly uses its formidable array of influential contacts and applies its experience and knowhow in commercial arenas as opposed to, say, investigating international organised crime or terrorism. Nevertheless, Faire Sans Dire remains involved in anti-corruption and related initiatives although the mainstay of its operations nowadays centres around the provision of support services to commercial and other organisations as described on the web-pages detailing our core, cyber and ancillary services. Most of those services are also available for individuals.

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